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I've been taking photographs for at least 50 years (That makes me about 60) . I think what got me started was a fascination for cameras , the idea that this elaborate machine could record what I see and even what I feel to some degree .

I am still fascinated with the cameras of my youth and I have quite a few old cameras (10 different models of the Kodak Retina for example) and I still have a love for Hasselblads . The change to auto-focus and now digital has been stressful .

I used to shoot mainly architucture and landscapes until a friend looking at my vacation photos asked if I never saw any people on my vacation . I had to admit that I saw them alright but only as something in the way of the shot I wanted . Since then I have been photographing people more , especially children . I still have no good photos of boys (why won't they pose like girls will ?) except doing sports . I also like things that move fast like racing cars , horses , kids on bikes .

My latest acquisition is a Nikon D70 (partly because I've always used Nikon and all those lenses fit and work) , and I still also use a Nikon 401s and a "point and shoot" Minox 35 mm . I do occasionally get out the Hasselblads just for fun .

The photo at left was taken by my good friend Gerrit Verstraete while we were wandering around Little Qualicum Falls in British Columbia .

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  • Chris Bruhn 04/02/2009 17:07

    Hello Bruce,
    Thanks for the friend request, be happy too. I must admit, you have some amazing photos of the children, very wonderfully done.I will be seeing my daughters next week, I miss them terribly. Hopefully I will have some photo image winners to post.
  • Mfresh 30/12/2008 1:56

    Hi Bruce this is a bit delayed, but better late then never. Thanks for the post and compliments they are greatly appreciated. As for London making people crazy, I think you're right. Take care and happy shooting.
  • Iliana Elffree 30/12/2007 21:09

    Thank you for the comment.
    Best regards,
  • true colours 24/12/2007 1:20

  • Jürgen in NRW und sonstwo 14/08/2007 8:22

    Hi Bruce,
    many thanks for your time with my pictures in the fc !
    Cause of your nice comment and the same expiriences, I took you on my buddy-list.

    With special greetings from Germany
  • Alexandra Baltog 27/12/2006 18:08

    thank you for your
  • Janet Stulich 13/12/2006 19:09

    Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for the comment on Alexis. I appreciate your suggestion. Sometimes I have problems uploading the larger files. Janet
  • Laszlo Csuti 16/11/2006 22:08

    Hello Bruce !
    many thanks for the pic comment and for the warm welcome !
    cheers , Laz
  • Tammy Carew 25/10/2006 5:00

    hey thanks for the suggestion!
    i will have to crop that pic now for sure! hehe..
    im not too sure if i can crop it and repost it.. ill have to try and find that out i guess.

    i was looking over your photos and they are quite nice.. i love kids eyes, so big and bright and full of questions!!

    take care and happy snapping!!

    tammy M carew
  • Emil Maga 16/10/2006 11:43

    Hy Bruce,
    I`m glad you like this one
    God`s eye
    God`s eye
    Emil Maga

    Unfortunally it is not my style to change original shots so this one is the first and the last PP modified picture.
    I salute you,
  • Gerry Zurbruegg 04/10/2006 10:27

    hallo Bruce
    danke für Deinen kommentar zum bild.
    hoffentlich habe ich es richtig in englisch geschrieben (ghost dancers ?)
    Auch Dir viele schöne fotos - wünscht gerry
  • Anil Ramachandran 01/10/2006 20:10

    Hi Bruce,
    Thanks a lot for your comments on my pic (Beautiful bond between mother and child).

    Best regards

  • Thom Wirtz 25/09/2006 17:28

    Hello Bruce,

    thanx a lot for your friendly comment. Yes, she was surprised, we had a lot of fun during the shooting yesterday. Here`s more to see:

    Best wishes,

  • Jim Thielen 18/09/2006 20:20

    Hi Bruce
    Thanks for the welcome and yes I am Canadian. The shot was taken at the Jr B Lacrosse Provincials in Okotoks (about 12 miles south of Calgary) this year. We had some dancers from the Tsuu T'ina Nation come out and do some traditional dances at the opening ceremonies, seeing as lacrosse was origionally a first nations game.
  • Kosta Ivanov 11/09/2006 19:57

    Thank you for your wrm comment, Bruce! I like your portrait photographs.
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