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Love bringing the things I see to life and for everyone to see. My passion is drawing in ink, pastel, pencil. I love to paint fantasy murals on a large scale and have much passion for music too. I love to create music, write songs, sing, play guitar, drums, keys, listen to poetry, and peoples ideas and their creative minds. I Love to express my passion in my photography because I see so many things that perhaps others dont, and just offer my vision for people to see. I feel gifted in the sense that I am lucky to have sight, smell, hearing, and that I am alive to appreciate all those magical moments that exist in everyday life. If we are lucky enough to be able to look out of a window and see a tree, the sea, people, or a beautiful sky, or a grey rainny day there is always something there in all of this for us to appreciate. I believe life can sometimes be very hard for us all, but if you have a vision and passion for whatever it is you see or believe in, why not paint it, take the picture, or describe it in a song,or poetry, about that special moment that you have captured. I believe we are all creative and have artistic abillities even if they dont see it, believe it to be in themselves. We all have imagination, so need I say more...

Thankyou for anyone who appreciates my art.

If there is anywhere for inspiration, it is here at Fotocommunity for us all to see.



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