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My passion for photography started when I was very young, but it was only when I was fourteen when I bought my first ever camera, a disposable kodak. Twelve years and several upgrades later, I decided to take my passion a bit more seriously and bought myself a digital and film slr.

My current cameras and lenses:

Canon eos5d
Canon eos300
Zeiss Ikon Nettar + Novar-Anastigmat 75mm f/3.5 lens
Voigtlander Briliant + Skopar 75mm f/4.5 lens
Zeiss Ikon Contessa LK + Carl Zeiss Tessar 50mm f/2.8 lens
Mamiya C330 Professional f + Sekor 65mm f/3.5 lens
Leica M4P + 50mm f/2.0 and 90mm f/2.0 Summicron-M lenses

Canon 100-400mm L-series
Canon 24-105mm L-series
Car Zeiss Distagon 28mm f/2.8
Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 Fish-eye
Sigma 28-70mm f/3.5

Most of the photos i take today and which i will post here in fotocommunity are in monochromatic and taken with the Leica and the Mamiya.

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  • Brigitte von der Twer 07/02/2010 22:22

    You have very touching pictures in your Gallery.
    Best wishes
  • hama omer 04/12/2009 20:36

    Dear Bechwati I saw your gallery it's wonderful and beautiful I wish you lasting success

    IRAQI KURDISTAN :Sulaimanya
  • Kadriye AYDIN 25/08/2009 23:58

    Hello...Thank you very much,regards...Kadriye
    Kadriye AYDIN
    Broom Master 2-Edirne-Turkey
    Broom Master 2-Edirne-Turkey
    Kadriye AYDIN
  • Stefan Andronache 22/04/2008 13:50

    Bechwati, thanks very much!

    Br, Stefan
  • Valeria Bissanti 20/04/2008 22:31

  • Stefan Andronache 16/04/2008 6:37

    Thank you for your nice comment!

    Best regards, Stefan
  • A.M 24/03/2008 20:58

    Thanks very much for your kind comment.
    I really enjoy your pisc, they are very inspiring!
    Best regards,
  • Ilhan Gunay 20/03/2008 21:55

    dear friend, You are very right on your comment! but the conditions where not appropriate to take a good shot! Lights were as poor as the man, and there was no tripod etc. But the subject was very attractive!!!
  • aw masry 10/03/2008 11:21

    Hallo ... Welcome to
    FotoCommunity is great for making friends and more.
    The spirit of Fotocommunity is to share knowledge, inspiration and thoughts as a team. Everyone can participate and everyone will share his experiences.
    Share your passion !!!!!
    Best regards - aw masry
  • Monika und Heinz Tiemann 09/03/2008 19:38

    Ein herzliches Willkommen hier in der bunten Welt der FC.
    Wünsche Dir hier nette Kontakte, schöne Bilder und immer gutes Licht.
    Gruß Heinz

  • Murat Bozdogan 09/03/2008 9:17

    Ein herzliches Willkommen hier in der bunten Welt der FC. Wünsche Dir hier nette Kontakte, viel Spass und das richtige Licht.
    Das Auge 2
    Das Auge 2
    Murat Bozdogan

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