Atma Stech

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About me

As a fine art photographer, I need to find the quiet moments to notice the mundane from a new perspective, to follow the light, to be able to stop and observe. The process of taking a picture is just the point of entrance into a world of endless possibilities.
I enjoy creating stories with a cinematic approach. I am inspired by elements of old masters in painting, surrealism, and untouched beauty. My images are infused with a palpable sense of being. My portraits are intimate and unselfconscious, influenced by playful narratives, alive with color and elegance.
My greatest interest is in working with people. I strive to bring out each individual’s inner beauty. I believe that everyone has the leading role in his/her fairytale; and I want my photo to tell that tale.
I am particularly interested in fashion photography; and I believe my skills and perspective to be a perfect fit for this exciting field.

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