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Photography is one of my passions, which shone through only by chance as it was a spare subject I took to make up full time hoursfor college! I loved it (represented also by the A I got for the first year of the course) and I'm finishing my A level in photgraphy course at the moment (exam in May). Also, I am going to take it further starting University in October to do photography.

I use a Canon EOS1000f SLR for film and the Canon 20D DSLR for digital, I am really fond of them not because of a love of Canon, but because, having the lenses for my SLR before getting the digital, a camera which I would also be able to use with them was the obvious choice.

I aspire to eventually becomming an amazing photgrapher and producing works which will stand the test of time (high goals I know but it's good to have hope).

I enjoy all aspects of photograph I have encountered so far, however the papparatzi (I have no idea how thats spelt!!) side of the spectrum doesn't appeal as much as the modelling or artistic...

Take a look at my work and tell me what you think if you'd like, as I also really appreciate constructive critique or such like comments on my photography, suggestions being always welcome.


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  • Florin Gherghina 29/05/2007 11:37

    hi, thanks for comment
    you have a nice gallery here on Fotocommunity!

    all respect,
  • HG Dienstag 07/11/2006 13:05

    Hi - Thank you for your comment on my pic

    thanks for your comming ;-)
  • Emily D. 31/10/2006 14:50

    thank you for the wonderful comment my friend!

  • Pablo P 27/10/2006 17:55

    Thanks for your comment on my photo (sunglasses), I looked at your work, very nice as well, I specially like Ascension...

  • Wolfgang Dürr 27/10/2006 7:51

    Thanks for commentimg on one of my pictures. On that way I got the chance to look at your wonderful pictures.
    I put you on buddy, so that I can watch your work further on.
    Kind regards
  • Samantha N. 14/10/2006 16:02

    Thanks for your comments to my picture, they were useful and appreciated.
    Warm regards
  • Roxana Ionescu 13/10/2006 20:27

    Thanks for your feedback. I have a Canon A620 I can't really say the features because I'm not interested in the technical detail. The camera is as I bought it from the store with no improvement. Roxana Ionescu
  • TANJU DUYGU 10/10/2006 15:45

    Thank you for you nice comment Arion
  • Emil Maga 09/10/2006 6:05

    10x for your comment on
    Small Butterfly
    Small Butterfly
    Emil Maga

    I don`t know about luck, I have many more butterflys with their tongues out, here`s just another one
    Emil Maga

    and I don`t know about "genious"`s all about experience and patience.
    Best regards,
  • Jacqueline Chay 22/09/2006 11:47

    Hey Arion, Thank you for your comment on my pic
    First Light '2'
    First Light '2'
    Jacqueline Chay
    Regards from Oz
  • Olha Klipkova 29/08/2006 19:26

    great thanks for commenting my work!
  • HG Dienstag 23/08/2006 12:07

    Hi - Thank you for your comment on my pic

    thanks for your comming ;)
    HG Dienstag
  • Pascal Viyer 16/08/2006 17:49

    Thank for your plaisant comments, Arion. And welcome at FC home.
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