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  • Anju patel 09/04/2008 8:46

    Hi I am site manager of Shopping Surat
    let me tell you about Surat India.

    Surat is second largest in Gujarat and Seventh largest city in India. Surat is known all over the world for mainly two businesses. Surat Textile and Surat Diamonds. Surat Diamonds is the largest diamond cutting and polising industry in the world. Started in 1901 not even the man who started this diamond business knew that Surat Diamonds can be so successfull. It is believed that 8 out of 10 diamonds are polished and cut here in Surat and re exported to the differet parts of the wrold.

    Surat Textile is the second most important business of Surat.More than thirty percent of clothe requirement of India is met by Surat only. Surat Sarees is most popular among Indian women. Surat Dress materials are mostly exported to gulf countries.
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