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Hello! I'm 16 years old girl from Finland. I love animals, especially horses. My hobbies are horse riding, drawing ant taking photos of horses and other animals. P.S. My last name is not actually Greenfruits, I just made this account many years ago, and at that time I was young, and I thought it sounded nice! haha :--)

Heippa! Olen siis 16-vuotias tyttö, asun suomessa. :---) Olen eläinrakas ihminen, varsinkin hevoset ovat lähellä sydäntäni. Harrastan ratsastusta, ja tykkään myös kovasti piirtää ja valokuvata.

P.S. Sukunimeni ei oikeasti ole Greenfruits, tein tunnuksen joskus -06, ja kävin silloinä, ja tallini nimi oli greenfruits, joten siitä siis johtuu tuo.

I use
Olympus e-500
Zuiko digital 70-300mm

Unfortunately my camera is somehow defective, and stops working very often, and sometimes it wont sharpen to the target, no matter what I do. Then I just have to turn my camera off and wait for a while (and at this time my target is far away) and turn it on again. And sadly I cannot return my camera, because I bought it 3 years ago, and at that time I thought it happens becaus of my bad photographing skills. But maybe some day I'll get a new nice camera :-----)

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