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I got my first camera for my seventh birthday...ever since cameras have been my dear companion when travelling. A few cameras later I finally switched to digital with a Canon Ixus 500 in July 2004. As I never used my analog SLR-camera afterwards (which I regretted) I finally bought a Canon EOS 350D in November 2005. In January 2006 I joined FC (after quite a few month of frequently visiting FC).

Digital fotography changed my 'photographic behavior' - I started to take photos more frequently and tried different things, eg. started macros (which I had never done before, probably due to the lack of a macro lense and the costs of film processing;-)). I also started viewing my pictures from a different perspective.

At the moment I take mostly macros, landscape and wildlife pics - using both digital cameras simultaneously. I am a newbie to digital imaging...but I am starting to learn...I am eager to improve and happy about every (constructive;-) comment.

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