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Hi, I’m Alex Manfredini, the creative mind of Kendall Portraits, job that allows me to express my talents and abilities. All of my photoshoots bring me great satisfaction, and I rejoice in this job. My one of a kind skills allow me to create from Hollywood style glamour shots to fantasy fine art photography, from sensual and candid maternity portraiture to stunning model portfolios, from homy family portraits to natural children pictures. At Kendall Portraits, I found an ample time and opportunities for creative expressions in whatever photography area I choose. That’s why my talents are in demand, and my clientele appreciate my unique gifts.

When I’m looking through the camera my innate creativity surprises and delights me. Every photo shoot is never stuck, stagnant or stale, for each shot is ever new and fresh. I can define my style as an imaginative blend of photographic and iconoclastic imagery, combined to create intriguing masterpieces where color and form brings to life a warm and inviting fantasy world.

From the beginning I developed a true passion for unreal images that come to my mind and I release all resistance to expressing my creativity fully. I’m a clear thinker. Ideas come to me easily and effortlessly, and after more than 15 years of practice, I express myself with ease. Photography makes me unique, special and creative, allowing me to create miracles in my life.

After received the prestigious Photoshop Guru Award by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals for five consecutive years, I know that my potential is unlimited, so I do something new or at least different in every photo session. The key of my creativity is knowing that my thinking creates my experience, and my experience creates my beautiful images.

I’m fulfilled in all that I do. I feel good expressing myself with my photography, sharing experiences with other photographers, giving advice to new talents, and learning to be more creative every day.

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