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In 1984-1994 she was involved in different art activities including making conservations, ceramics, painting (mural and oil) and gilding. Shortly after that she worked for three different TV programs; TV Information Agency - Channel 1 News, Journalistic Program - Attention Center and Cultural Program - Panteon preparing TV report and short commentaries. At the same time she initiated cooperation with newspapers. In 1998 she moved to Brazil. At the same time, she continued her cooperation with different international newspapers and worked on different scripts for independent TV producers. She also continued doing her photographic work, painting and designing book layers.
Photographs were taken during journalistic different trips and report. By showing life through photographs taken without posing, awareness but yet showing and recognizing emotional and social dimensions within, one may have impression that we are observing the world from a far distance with a hidden camera.

The manipulation of digital photograph is a continuation of the artistic thought. The most important in both painting and photograph is a transformation of the figure. She perceives the world through these images because they are the thoughts between the man and the world. They are the maps of the world.
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