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  • Act 3 Photogrpahy 11/08/2013 20:34

    Hello, my name is Larry. I am 56 and happily retired from a business career. Happily married and my wife and I travel often. Prior to that I was a darkroom lab technician for four years and 10,000 rolls of Tri-X in the United States Air Force. (do the math) I begin taking pictures on the island of Okinawa around 1976. My first camera was a Cannon point and shoot and I still have hundreds of prints taken from that camera! (good lab work, right?) My first SLR was an old and used Nikon F and I've shot with Nikon ever since. Today I shoot almost all digital with a Nikon d50 and a d90. I love them both. I am not a professional but I often do projects for others that I find challenging and fun for myself. I enjoy people and I personally think I produce my best pictures with simple people shots. My love for photography has been consistent and continues even today. I keep striving to improve and I like to start each day thinking "what one thing" can learn today? I like to stretch myself to subjects I'm unfamiliar or even uncomfortable with. I see the world through a lens - the camera is my ticket.
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