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  • Vanessa Halvorsen 30/07/2008 19:24

    Thanks for your comments too!
    Yes, I'm happy indeed ;-)
    You right, it's just so funny to just run around on the gras, having fun and laugh!

    And on the photo of Ramsar's eye, well, I haven't use photoshop on that image, but I use to do it!
  • Vanessa Halvorsen 18/07/2008 11:47

    Thanks alot for your nice comment!
    It means so much for me :-)
  • Ricko 18/07/2008 0:49

    now that's a double act
    My Boy
    My Boy

  • Ricko 23/06/2008 0:06

    ist class all the way for him
    Exit Stage Right
    Exit Stage Right

  • Camilla Antonsen 22/06/2008 16:55

    Thanks for ALL the comments :-D
    You asked about the photo; "flower", it grow in my garden. It`s a sunflower, and we have planted it in a pot. :-D
  • Camilla Antonsen 22/06/2008 16:36

    And answear from the comment at the capture "I love green grass", I don`t really know what the "wide angle lens" are :-D So it`s very hard for me to answear you on that.!

    Best wishes, Camilla.
  • Camilla Antonsen 22/06/2008 16:32

    Thank you very much for the kind comments. It means a lot.
    I have very much Currant in the garden to.

    Best wishes, Camilla.
  • felidae. 18/06/2008 20:40

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