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Dragomir Vukovic

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  • Marcin Cieplucha 27/03/2007 21:36

    Black Cat...matches with ...House of Usher :) Heraclitus ones said: "...To arrive at the basic structure of things we must go into their darkness.” Do you read E.A. Poe ? ):o)
  • Sarndra 23/03/2007 11:03

    Somehow ...i feel, a cat restricted just isn't right.... interesting photo.... i agree with Eddie Maguire...

  • Vitaly Sarwir 14/03/2007 21:02

    very cool///little panter!!
  • Ildikó ZókaDani 13/03/2007 22:37

    moving and thoughtful...
  • °°° celle °°° 13/03/2007 20:23

    i see them all and i will see them all

    ALL of urs
  • strange-pictures 13/03/2007 20:11


  • Marju Gellert 13/03/2007 13:53

    nice cat;) and composition - wow...
    "the taming of the shrew"
  • Michael Henderson 11/03/2007 23:18

    There are some deep comments on this one. I love this foto. The cats are very catching. It is so black it's almost like a ghost of a cat. Very good in b\w with real good contrast. Excellent !!!

  • Sarah D. Kiefer 11/03/2007 17:31

    this one is hard to look at for me, as i'd never dream of chaining any animal. in this YOU have the power to unchain this beautiful and mystic creature while we may only watch it suffer the weight of the chain. strong emotion, strong metaphor, stronger impact. a compelling image indeed,
    sarah k
  • Maguire 11/03/2007 12:50

    Despite the luxuries what a desperate existence. Says a lot and is a metaphor for so much.