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Metin Karadag

Free Account, Gaziantep

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  • Ibrahim Sönmezoglu 12/04/2006 11:22

    Sahane bir poz, nereden buluyorsun böyle pozlari. Antepin icindenmi?
    Bu yazin bende antepde degisik poz arayacagim.

  • Dominic Falcone 09/12/2005 0:18

    I must admit that I rather like the play of light and shadow on this pic, gives it a certain mood of intensity,showing the cobbler at his job and emphesising his consentration.

    nice one

  • Mark Johnston 08/12/2005 21:22

    Whatever! Wonderful photo Metin. I love the contrast and how the little glimpses of color stand out from the different shoes. Love the light, well done!
  • Benoit Chevelle 08/12/2005 13:01

    hi, i like very much your work but i find it's difficult to look at this photo, because the contrast is so strong that what appears in the space of the picture is not shapes or subject but spots of light and some contours which are not enough to draw the subject
    regards ben
  • Mehmet Safak 08/12/2005 12:11

    wounderfull foto