Yakshagana (Showing Character of Lord Krishna)

Yakshagana (Showing Character of Lord Krishna)

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Yakshagana (Showing Character of Lord Krishna)

Yakshagana is a musical dance drama popular in coastal and Malenadu regions of Karnataka, India . Yakshagana is the recent (200 years) scholastic name for what are known in Kannada as Kelike, Dashavatara, Aata, Bayalaata. It is believed to have evolved from pre-classical music and theatre during Bhakti movement. Yakshagana is popular in the districts of Uttara Kannada, Udupi, Dakshina Kannada,and Shimoga of Karnataka and Kasaragod district of Kerala. Yakshagana is gaining popularity in Bengaluru since a few years. It has drawn comparisons to the Western tradition of opera. Actors wear costumes and enact various roles. Traditionally, Yakshagana would go on all night. It is sometimes simply called as Aataā in both Kannada and Tulu, meaning "play". Yaksha-gana literally means the song (gana) of a Yaksha. Yakshas were an exotic tribe mentioned in the Sanskrit literature of ancient India.

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    Srikanthjois i did send u mail related to your comment .. Please check it out.
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  • srikanthjois 23/08/2012 7:31

    Hello Anup Patil
    I trust this letter finds you in best of health
    Your photos are good.
    In past years was able to pen books like 'Traditional Practices in The Gambia and their Scientific Explanations' and 'Energy of Pyramids'
    for an upcoming book, I was in search of a Yakshagana photo with a decoration around the head to depict the Aura or Energy field around head.
    It has been found that this picture is very expressive.
    If permitted, we would like to use this photo in explaining the Prabhavali around a person in an upcoming book PRANA.
    Please let us know your opinion
    with best regards
    Srikanth Jois
  • hrishikesh thakur 06/02/2011 7:10

    good one !


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