Wunderland bei Nacht?

Wunderland bei Nacht?

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Wunderland bei Nacht?

Bahnhofstrasse, Mainz.

The title for this image has a "musical tale." If you'd like to read it -
and sample some great ol' music - please click on the link to my blog "Thunderflakes."

Photo+Design ©2008/2010 Steve Ember

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  • Susanne Kämmner 12/12/2015 11:01

    Your photo “Wunderland bei Nacht?” is charming, Steve. Not only for its nocturnal motif, but for your creative interpretation of the Blues Brothers and especially, of course, for the magic beauty, nightscenes basically radiate. Though taking pictures during rainfall isn´t that comfortable, the outcome with all these explosive colors, reflections and intense atmospheric charisma is worth it. Thus, “Wunderland bei Nacht?” says it all and is the perfect title for your photo.
    But “Wunderland bei Nacht?” doesn´t only express the wonders of nocturnal illumination, but is also – in a figurative sense – a perfect way to describe the scenery with its central point “Das Crazy”. Outsider sure are wondering about what might be going on inside. Theater of the mind :-). Insider might wonder misty-eyed about their (hopefully wonderful) experiences….. Especially I enjoy the traffic sign “stopping restriction” exactly in front of “Das Crazy”. This special sign allows to stop the car for 3 minutes ….. Theater of the mind just has begun :-).
    And then there still is your, seen in context with your photo and its title, rather important information, that the tune “Wonderland at night” from 1959 indeed refers to the sex industry.
    Thus, with your choice to revive the title “Wonderland at night?” and adapt it for your photo, you succeeded in consolidating several strings / points of view into an entirety. Last, but not least, there still is the ace with the added question mark. That alone provides space for speculations and for further intellectual games. I think it´s ok to call your picture “a neat piece of work” (eine runde Sache), isn´t it?
  • Andrew J.W. 09/10/2010 12:53

    Wondefrul colors and atmosphere
  • PeMo20 27/08/2010 0:03

    the tram - on its way to the square in front of the main station - is just passing the red light district, "Das Crazy", the brothel in Mainz!

    for a cooler view ;-), please visit:
    Mainz nach Schneefall im Dezember 2009
    Mainz nach Schneefall im Dezember 2009

  • Matthias Mempel 21/08/2010 11:20

    Again. Best re-colored style presented by Steve. By the way, the tram is really old fashioned.
    Regards, Matthias
  • s. sabine krause 21/08/2010 10:29

    oh, dear! i was SO wrong about the "heinzelmännchen"!! it's a legend that belongs to cologne rather than mainz! why can't i remember that?! i just looked it up again! in fact the "heinzelmännchen" do resemble leprechauns – will send you a link to their story with my e-mail. the most embarrassing thing, though, is that there are "mainzelmännchen", too (the belong to the world of german tv!!) and apparently i got them mixed up with the original thing, the legendary "heinzelmännchen" from cologne! sorry, mainz – again – and sorry, cologne ; )! greetings, sabine. p.s. no, i'm not crazy! i think… ; ))
  • s. sabine krause 20/08/2010 9:23

    the time when the "heinzelmännchen" pick up their work ; )). great lights and "rainy reflections" on the tarmac! wunderland? yes, but "wunderland" in cozy and gemütlich "province town" ; )) – sorry, mainz! lg, sabine.
  • Tatiana Gutskova 20/08/2010 8:12

    wow! cool!