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WTC Collapse 3

WTC Collapse 3

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Charles Eshelman

Free Account, New York

WTC Collapse 3

The black building - WTC #7 (upper right corner) collapsed later that day from a fire, fueled by 40,000 gallons of diesel fuel stored in the basement for the mayors emergency command bunker which was located on #7's 23rd Floor.

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  • Tigerente25 11/09/2009 7:45

    Dieses Bild werde ich mein ganzes Leben lang nicht mehr vergessen.
    Auch heute, 8 Jahre danach, gilt mein tiefstes Mitgefühl
    all denen, die liebste Menschen verloren haben.
    Dank an all die Helfer...................
    R. i. P.
  • Stefania C. 13/09/2007 14:49

    what happened there was an act of pure hate and I am very sorry for all the people that lost their lives there...


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