Would you gonna dance with me?

Would you gonna dance with me?

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Jigora Man

Premium (Pro), Old Bridge, NJ

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  • guvo4 21/06/2010 15:51

    A nice scene, and technical a good foto, like it.
    Best regards.... Volker
  • s. sabine krause 21/06/2010 9:00

    : )))) what a rare and original capture! finding a dance that suits them both won't be easy ; )): i think the slender seahorse might like a samba the serious big fish, however, will prefer a polka, i'm sure! he's wearing his "polka-dot outfit" already ; ))! a great poetic shot, composition and title! greetings, sabine. p.s. a wonderful combination of colors, too: sun and amber… and i just love the "capricious curl" at the end of the seahorse's tail!