work-gloves 11

work-gloves 11

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  • Ikuyo 12/01/2010 0:53

    Thank you for GeorginaK.
  • GeorginaK 11/01/2010 17:50

    Nice picture, interesting subject!
  • Ikuyo 02/12/2009 12:12

    Thank you for digwashegde.
  • digwashegde 02/12/2009 5:33

    good one
  • Ikuyo 01/12/2009 0:57

    Thank you for Miriam Zschoche.
    I also thought similarly.
    When finding it, it was very glad.
  • Miriam Zschoche 30/11/2009 23:21

    the colors of the flowers show on the gloves ;)
  • Ikuyo 30/11/2009 12:20

    Hans-Günther das dankt Ihnen für Kommentar.
    Ich lernte ein Jahr lang den Deutsche an einer Universität zurück.
    Aber leider erinnere ich mich noch an nichts.
    In diesem Satz, der eine Übersetzungsstelle benutzt.
    Ich bin vielleicht etwas seltsam, aber erlaube es bitte.
    Ich wollte das Gefühl des Dankes vermitteln.

    Thank you for your comment, Hans-Günther.
    I learned Germans one year long at an university back.
    But unfortunately I don't yet remember anything.
    In this sentence, that uses a translation-place,
    Maybe I am somewhat strange, but please allows it.
    I wanted to arrange the feeling of the thanks.
  • Hans-Günther Schöner 30/11/2009 8:48

    Eine neue und sehr schöne Idee!
    Gefällt mir sehr gut !

    Liebe Grüße aus Germany !!!!
  • Ikuyo 30/11/2009 2:06

    Thank you for Adele Oliver.
    I like your photographs and respect them.
    So,I'm very glad to get the comment from you.
    Hereafter, I'll keep taking cotton work gloves.
    My best regards.
  • Adele Oliver 30/11/2009 1:31

    Interesting series of these work gloves .... well composed image with the diagonal line, and fine sharpness and colours.
    greetings, and thank you for your comment!
    Adele from Canada
  • Ikuyo 29/11/2009 10:25

    Thank you for your comment.
    Cotton work gloves is not expensive.
    When work ends, it seems to be forgotten.
    I come to want to take it when it is found.

    Do not I see the joke?
    If it is so, I'm sorry.