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Carla Marla

Free Account, London


This is a collage of some of my pictures. The punk was taken in the main station in Manchester, the horse is from the camargue, the "firework" is a picture of a cactus, and the tree is just a blossoming tree in spring. The old man is an image I got from internet, as well as the written text. There are some good sites for backgrounds and old documents. Just type in 'old document' and you should find them.
to create the image I followed this tutorial :

Try it out !!

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  • Hudson Valley 24/11/2004 19:10

    Great visual....I'm wondering why we have to hide the fact it is computer generated.

    If we all do distressed we will all be distressed!
  • Donna Vitkauskas 13/11/2004 15:16

    Wonderful art, I agree the title fits it well too.
  • Paul Clarke 05/11/2004 17:14

    *g* I've just read your profile...........you must know the magazine................
  • Paul Clarke 05/11/2004 17:13

    I love the mixing of different elements.....typo for instance with photos and various scanned things.
    I like this ....but ....try "distressing" it.....adding dirt and creases etc....so that it takes on a less obvious computer style.
    A tip....perhaps you don't need it. You live in the UK - buy Computer Arts magazine........you'll get plenty of ideas. I get it every time I go back for a visit.
  • Ellen Busch 04/11/2004 15:06

    a wonderful collage with a good title.


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