White Pocket at a glance

White Pocket at a glance

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White Pocket at a glance

The first sight when you enter white pocket

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  • Reiner Boehme 11/05/2007 11:59

    You did extremely well in composing this panorama.
    Well done.
  • Juan Martin Steinhäuser 23/04/2007 12:29

    I want to see it bigger...! :)...
    cheers martin....

  • Daniel Gull. 18/04/2007 17:03

    Hello Henk!

    This is as usual, a perfect shot! how many pictures did you make to fit to an panorama?

    best regars,
  • Jacqueline Chay 26/03/2007 13:30

    Wonderful, love the composition and the DOF
    Thank you for your comment on my pic

    Regards Jackie
  • J.S Schulz 09/03/2007 8:46

    In June i will be there in this great landscape and i hope taking pictures like you.
    LG Joachim
  • Barbara Elerick 09/03/2007 3:56

    What a great pano with great colors and contrasts. I can feel the heat just looking at it! :-)
  • Martin und Elke (Lagemann-) WENDT 08/03/2007 21:47

    A little bit to sall, but great shot of a beautiful landscape.

    Regards Elke & Martin
  • Dorothea P. 08/03/2007 17:01

    A beautiful landscape with a wonderful sky!
    lg, Dorothea
  • Jürgen Gregor 08/03/2007 15:50

    nice picture, but why so small?
  • Tobias Gueldner 08/03/2007 14:08


    great picture - I surely like the colors ! Looks like a real postcard !!!
  • Henk Auwema 08/03/2007 13:05

    @Axel, thanks that's new for me. But most of my images are between 150 and 250 and all accepted as is.

  • Axel B. 08/03/2007 12:49

    Even though it was mentioned more than once I want to repeat it once more: This is a great shot. The landscape looks very promising and interesting!
    One comment about the size.
    Maybe you are not aware that there are special panorama section in the FC where you can upload images with up to 3000x500 pixel.Of course it is hard to get this with 150kB but I guess that in the panorama section they wouldn't have cut it down to a width of 800 pixel.
    Maybe next time. The pic is surley worth it.


  • Uwe Skotschier 08/03/2007 11:39

    Very nice panorama pic with fantastic clouds!!!
    br Uwe
  • Christian Maier (amarok) 08/03/2007 8:43

    Sadly, it's a little bit tiny. You can use up to 1000 pixels in width an 500 pixels to present such a panoramic view. Certainly you should use a double file size upload.
  • Henk Auwema 08/03/2007 8:03

    @Roland and Gerhard

    the size of the original uploaded picture was 253Kb, but I guess the pixel count was the thing they checked on and FC resized it.