Where Is My Soul?

Where Is My Soul?

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Where Is My Soul?

There was once a time when I was searching for a faith that I could believe in, something that fit. I have never found anything that does, and though I am no longer looking, the sense of loss is not something related to a need I have, but a difference to those around me. Almost everyone I know believes in some form of religion or spirituality, but I just never found one that passed inspections of logic and reason.

It wasn't for lack of trying: twelve years of Catholic school, a stint as an altar boy, and in college I dabbled and searched. In any event, here I am many years later, with no more questions to seek answers to, but perhaps less comfort than the faithful have.

This image is an homage to the search for belief, to my wanderings through the hills and valleys of of feeling empty and incomplete. I had fun with this one: cutting the hollow keyhole shape in the hat was a new challenge, something I never tried before. Turning a verdant field of green into autumnal hues was a nod to my affection for my favorite season. The keys represent all the faiths tried but didn't fit or fill the void in the mind. Far in the distance is another searcher, who has appeared in two other images and I thought added a dash of mystery.

Model: Felix P.

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