When we REALLY enjoy our work...

When we REALLY enjoy our work...

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When we REALLY enjoy our work...

...or a smile can be SO contagious.

Not sure if the disarming and coquettish smile was aimed at the inquisitive Auslander
mit Kamera, or just an expression of sheer enjoyment in her work, but it made my
picture - and my day - and apparently had a salutary effect on the customer as well.

How nice to be part of a moment like this...

At the Saturday produce market in Mannheim.

Photo + Design ©2008/2013 Steve Ember

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  • Sandhöfer 10/02/2013 9:26

    "a hear dess kenn isch doch irgendwoher " ...
    ää..sorry for the palantine slang :-)
    may be they smile also over the native from Mannheim with a camera :-)
    Its a realy good photo ! Making just in right moment !
    Like it !
    greetings from Mannheim