What's on her mind?

What's on her mind?

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What's on her mind?

The human mind is a joy forever!

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  • Wayne Tsipouras 18/06/2007 16:40

    A puzzle to be sure!
    Who can understand??

  • DRAGA PUC 17/06/2007 18:45

    ... and what's on her body??!
    kind regards
  • Valerij 17/06/2007 17:28

    What's on her mind? Well, I collect jokes about blonds and i can tell tons of them right at the moment but I am afraid of being accused of sexism and male chauvinism so I will not. But the sculpture is very provoking. And I would not crop the head's top. Valerij
  • Robert van der Sanden 17/06/2007 12:33

    Hi Peter,
    I see you've been to Oisterwijk last week! Some great sculptures out there. This one is almost a real person.
    Groetjes, Robert