what a nuisance

what a nuisance

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Dinu Filipescu

Premium (Basic), Köln

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  • OrnellaB 29/01/2018 11:21

    What a delicate photo,rich in poetry.
    Ciao Ornella
  • Arantxa Val 10/06/2016 20:12

    Exercise of looking at ourselves, not through a reflection. Then maybe the smile disappears at times as life walks around us.
  • Berthold Klammer 02/04/2016 16:52

    Surrealistic!!!! The tension of the photo can be found in the reflection
    of the man walking...great! regards Berthold
  • alexander stefanatos 03/12/2015 12:05

    Another very beautiful shot,Dinu, possibly not having the absolute charm of the "in confidence" but composing wonderfully a sceptical figure,another "Thinker" maybe, in a dreamy turquoise surrounding that enhances an artful approach...
    friendly regards
  • Christos Banos 02/11/2015 20:23

    Great catch! Very nice and intersting photo!
    gr. Christos
  • s. sabine krause 02/11/2015 9:03

    strong!! epic… both the art in the window and the composition of your shot, what you made of it! the turquoise world of cool languid phlegm… the bored face wallowing in ivory thoughts, not paying attention to the man passing behind it, not noticing, not wanting to notice perhaps, as it would mean a potential distraction from her self-sufficient loneliness… ; ) greetings, sabine. p.s.: love the legs seemingly shining through the blue wall, and the hint of a distant xanadu ; ) in the tiny little niche, where a touch of red is breaking through "the blues"! ; )
  • TOMO11 31/10/2015 19:30

    great shot and artwork.
    Greetings Thomas
  • paules 31/10/2015 18:11

    ...great street!! Bravo...HG Paul


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Camera NIKON D5200
Lens Unknown (211) 55-300mm
Aperture 9.5
Exposure time 1/45
Focus length 125.0 mm
ISO 100