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Robert Riley

Free Account, London

Wedding Piper

Jutta Melchers was interested to know the subject of Mary and her sister with their cameras; Well here he is.

Look who has a Camera!
Look who has a Camera!
Robert Riley

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  • Milan Bystron 17/09/2007 14:12

    Good! It is me never haven't seen con moto ...
  • Inez Correia Marques 13/09/2007 15:22

    i guess i would also like to know what he wears under his kilt/.. good photo Robert.. you kept an eye on the ladies and the othe on the guy.. clever you!!
    lovely photo
  • N i N a ² 13/09/2007 9:44

    i would have stand up to make a photo of him :))))
    great traditional portrait :) br, nina
  • don ricchilino 12/09/2007 19:30

    wonderful portrait !
  • Theo Weijmer 12/09/2007 17:55

    Have to agree with Luc about the wind, but a very fine capture with very nice colours.
    Greetings Theo
  • Luc Grollie 12/09/2007 15:36

    thank God there was no wind at the moment.......lol !!!
    good one Robert !!!
  • Jutta.M. 12/09/2007 15:09

    ... Honi soit qui mal y pense....
    the ladies only want to check the design of his plaid shorts - if it´s even the same design!!!!
    tsk tsk.....
  • CsomorLászló 12/09/2007 10:31

  • Alexandra Baltog 12/09/2007 10:21

    @ Frederick: hahaha! Maybe you are right... ;-)
  • Frederick Mann 12/09/2007 8:57

    @Jutta.... tsk tsk ... (was that really the first thing that came into your mind ...) maybe men should wear kilts or skirts ... (would bring new life to the streets)
  • Alexandra Baltog 12/09/2007 8:30

    :-))) super !!!!
  • Wolfgang Degenhardt 12/09/2007 3:19

    Jackson, Blue Bonnets! Very nice picture of a proud piper. I always admire, how they manage to keep those spats so white and clean :-)
  • Jutta.M. 11/09/2007 21:51

    Oh, I´m first Robert, that´s the photo I´ve waited for ;-)))
    and in Germany we would say : "Ich lach mich schlapp"
    meaning I´m laughing until laying down on floor :-D
    A very fine Scotsman - and the ladies are surely looking under his kilt...
    regards Jutta