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Hazel Ulstad Shetland

Free Account, Scalloway, Shetland isles.

water again

ive been trying water again with the help you all gave me thanks

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  • Alison Wiseman 05/03/2007 11:13

    its thawing out now, getting better,
  • Michael Henderson 04/03/2007 19:46

    Good shot. It all depends on what you want out of a water shot. If you like the blur slow the shutter to a second or more. Get an angle thats different than how you normally see it. Low works very good. Remember just have fun and none of us a perfect.

  • BRYAN CRUTE 04/03/2007 17:56

    Good picture, the water looks excellent.
  • Igor Volotovskiy 04/03/2007 17:36

    very nice picture. there is real live water there.