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Ivonne Kellner

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Ivonne Kellner

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  • C Hoogkamer 02/02/2005 14:23

    well i love both pictures very much -)
  • Thomas A.J. Greve 01/02/2005 16:56


    I just wanted to tell you that I understand completely about trying very hard to hold the camera still. I have a very difficult time of that myself, since I don't have a tripod at all. I do appreciate the photo and the reply to my comment very much. Thank you...

    - thomas
  • Ivonne Kellner 01/02/2005 11:45

    thx, for your comment.
    yes, the blue one is better in focus.
    ich was very difficult to keep the camera still because i was sitting in a little boat with two little kids ;-)
    so, i am very proud that it looks like that
    and not worse *g*
    lg vonne ivonne
  • Thomas A.J. Greve 31/01/2005 18:13

    Nice lighting and "different"...I do think that since I like blue better, I'd have to chose the blue one as my favorite though...also...the lighting seems much better in that one...

    - thomas