Walking towards breakfast

Walking towards breakfast

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Walking towards breakfast

I was quite happy he didn't pay much attention to me

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  • Katarina A 06/10/2007 20:48

    Beautiful light. Like your Title :-))..spendid shot.
  • Martin Allaire 21/09/2007 10:41

    Hi Anna, The breakfast was a bunch of Zebras near the waterhole... Not in a zoo of course.. That would be cheating ;-) It was in the northern part of Namibia in South Africa.
  • Michel Lamarche 19/09/2007 5:31

    Wow, what a beauty!
    Great pov, composition and light!
    Very well done,
  • Anna Kowalski 19/09/2007 2:26

    Who was it served by? :))

    Trophy photo! Wish I had something like that to show.
    (unless it was in a zoo :)))
  • Michael Henderson 18/09/2007 21:03

    I don't blame you one bit....Nice shot and good composition. Well done.

    Best Wishes.