Waiting for something that may never be

Waiting for something that may never be

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Frank Roig

Free Account, Viña del Mar

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  • Dirk Hofmann 28/07/2006 22:50

    i like the perspective ... the photo doesnt't fit the title from my point of view ... to me he looks like a bold guy facing every problem which might come up without any fear ...
  • Frank Roig 28/07/2006 20:00

    Hehehe... yeah, the right ask might be *who* I'm waiting for... but finally yesterday I knew she wouldn't come... so now is just another pic.

    Thanks for your comments ;)
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 28/07/2006 16:45

    great lighting from a window?
    welcome to fotocommunity Frank
    maybee waiting for a coffee ???
  • Jen Nahe 28/07/2006 15:16

    What r u waiting for yeah.. I would rather ask who are u waiting for?



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