Waiting for January...

Waiting for January...

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Ed Wallace

Free Account, Sligo

Waiting for January...

Lough Gill. Co. Sligo. Dec. 2004.

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  • Jacqueline Chay 17/11/2007 8:54

    Very nice view. I suppose you scan your pics to the computer, hence the white line at the top.
    Looks tranquil
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 14/09/2005 14:41

    Hi Ed. love this photo, what is that white line up the left hand side of the photo?
    other than that, the relfection is great and colours

    jaime :)
  • Bea Te 13/12/2004 18:36

    A very good pic!
    Lonly, waiting for better days!
  • Vladimir Danilov 11/12/2004 17:40

    I just can only join Martin Unger. To put the boat in the middle is not a best idea, the image looks a little bit aflat.
  • Martin Unger 11/12/2004 16:29

    Oh, that's a good picture! There's just a white stripe on the top which is a little bit irritating.
    Did you try to cut a little bit an the sides that the boat is not quite in the center, maybe also cutting some space on the top? Just an idea.