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Waiting for Daddy

Waiting for Daddy

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Stacy Williams

Free Account, Middlesex

Waiting for Daddy

Hanging out with the dogs, after a bath

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  • Remsi Remsen 12/09/2004 2:50

    ah thanks.
    i only wonder if that is not something "normal" to do with a pic... to tweak the calibration and stuff...? just wondered thats all

    life is a bitch... ;)
    severely RR
  • Stacy Williams 09/09/2004 19:12

    I used Photoshop to dodge and burn the image. It was almost completely black. I thought since that was digitally editing, I was in the right area! Where else should this pic be, thanks for the info ahead of time!

  • Remsi Remsen 09/09/2004 18:16

    hi, stacy! welcome to the FC!

    you released this photo in the digi-art section... what did you edit digitally? i cannot recognize anything? :)
    hey, no hard feelings!!!

    life is a bitch... ;)


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