Villa Del Palmar, Nueva Vallarta, MX

Villa Del Palmar, Nueva Vallarta, MX

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Hector Romero

Free Account, Simi Valley

Villa Del Palmar, Nueva Vallarta, MX

This picture took NO thought and my Canon Digital Rebel 10D did all of the work. This is one of those shots that would have been just as beautiful taken with my Vivitar 1.3 MP!
... We had a wonderful time.

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  • Terje Nicolaysen 27/09/2007 21:31

    Beautiful place and pic
  • Dominic Falcone 05/10/2005 22:36

    Its strange how sometimes we take the best pictures with little or no thought, just point and shoot.
    This is a good shot, I like the overall proportions and the gulls in the top right add interest.
  • Jennifer Fishburne 13/09/2005 5:56

    Very beautiful, it looks nice and warm, very relaxing
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 09/09/2005 1:43

    Hi Hector i am glad that you had a great time away.
    this is a great landscsape, the foreground and sea.
    what a great place, it looks so peacful and fun.
    the three birds just make it more beachy.

    jaime :)