Vierwaldstatter Lake

Vierwaldstatter Lake

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Janos Gardonyi

Premium (Pro), Toronto, Ontario

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  • Hansi Rödig 15/03/2021 17:11

    Hallo Janos, das freut mich, mal wieder etwas von Dir zu sehen. Wo warst Du denn so lange? Am Vierwaldstätter See in Luzern?
    Viele Grüße
    Hansi Rödig
    • Janos Gardonyi 16/03/2021 1:48

      My dear Hansi, thank you for your comment.  Yes, i's been a long time. I have been very sick .At the end 2017 I lost my kidneys and been on dialysis  in the hospital ever since. 3 times /week @ 3.5 hours at a time. Otherwise I am at home but now it's the COVID 19 and don't go outside much. I am close to 84 and my walking is not very good and had to stop driving - so my photography is pretty well finished. But I am busy with other things:  I write classical music reviews for a local magazine and making books of my photography. I have 1000's of photos.
      Due to the epidemic I can't even see my 2 grandsons or my younger daughter. They live in Kitchener Ont., about 100 miles from here.
      Thank you for thinking of me. You can reply at my email address: . Please write!    best regards janos.