Victim of Ship Breaking Industry 004

Victim of Ship Breaking Industry 004

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Wahid Adnan

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Victim of Ship Breaking Industry 004

"I dont know any other work...i work as a cutter here in this ship breaking yard. For 12 years, i am doing this work. I tried to change my start something to earn money...for my family...i have two daughters...another baby is coming...I earn only 120 Taka (1Dollar = 68 Taka) now. I dont dare to think how to manage everything with this money.......", Saiful told as I talked to him in the ship breaking yard, I usually work in. I went his home. Her wife is pregnant and very soft spoken. I felt very shy to see him and his wife to buy a little cup of tea and a little packet of biscuit for me costing 12 Taka. Earning 120 Taka per day and spending 12 Taka from that money to show hospitality to me, was really tough to get for me then.

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