Victim of Ship Breaking Industry 002

Victim of Ship Breaking Industry 002

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Wahid Adnan

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Victim of Ship Breaking Industry 002

‘My father started working as a helper in a ship breaking yard. Later, he became foreman of some workers there. After four months he became a foreman, a large steel plate from the side wall of a ship’s body fell onto him and he died’, said Arzu, sitting on a old chair in her home. Her two brothers are Saiful Islam and Shahidul Haque. Saiful Islam is elder and not in this photo. The younger brother, Shahidul Haque holds the 5R sized photo of his father that they enlarged from a passport sized photo. The elder brother, Saiful Islam is promised to get a job as a worker in that ship breaking yard where his father died. But, still he haven’t get the job. Now a days, he works in daily basis and earns too little to manage food for his family. I asked Arzu about their mother. ‘She was our step mother….she left us after our father died in 1997’, she replied.

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