Victim of Ship Breaking Industry 001

Victim of Ship Breaking Industry 001

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Wahid Adnan

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Victim of Ship Breaking Industry 001

His name is Alamgir. He is only 11 years old and he never goes to school and doesnt know writing or reading. He is new in ship breaking yard and not allowed to do any active work. He is working as helper of cutting group (who cut steel plates using oxy-acetylene torch) by holding umbrella to make shade under hot sun or carrying the gas pipe of oxy-acetylene torch. He told me that oneday he would be a good cutter. I felt shame because I am not able to pick him up from this hell. What we the photographers can do? Nothing! We are 'takers' all the time. Photographers from all over the world come here to take photos of them...they sell the photos but this workers are in same condition...doing the same bone crushing labour.

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