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  • Nanoq Nakokrii 30/10/2004 13:02

    nice composition and colours! & not the typical tourist style which is produced by so many others
  • Matthias Gerth 29/10/2004 7:37

    Sorry, that I wrote my annotation in german ... but I think you understood me. Where are you from?
    I own the same equipment (Canon 300D with EFs 18-55 lens). The lens is not very good. I recently bought a used EF 28 2.8 (ebay,€ 80) and I'm impressed by the quality of the lens. OK, it not a fisheye (especially at a camera with crop) ...

  • Johnny Xapo 28/10/2004 16:10

    I used EOS 300d with 18-55 lens. By the way I don't like this lens, but now I haven't money for a real fisheye. Thanx your critic!
  • Matthias Gerth 28/10/2004 11:20

    Hallo Johnny,
    tolles Lichtes. Gefällt mir ... auch die Perspektive. Welche Optik hast du verwendet?