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Uptown Express - Once Upon a Time Under Times Square

Uptown Express - Once Upon a Time Under Times Square

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Uptown Express - Once Upon a Time Under Times Square

An Uptown Express ( a 2- or 3 train) loses no time accelerating out of its Times Square - 42 St stop
to blast up the West Side IRT. The track in the foreground serves the local 1 train.

The "once upon a time" part of the title does not mean this isn't still happening - just that, sadly, NYC Subway enthusiasts such as this photog can no longer linger by the railing at the western end of the Times Square 42nd St Shuttle station for this unique view of the dynamic electric world beneath the streets of Times Square, including getting up close and personal with Uptown 1 trains on the near track.

The re-designed station, which has no doubt improved Shuttle service and made the traffic pattern for arriving/departing riders far less chaotic than the former underground pillar-congested warren that existed for over 100 years with its tight curvature, grinding gap fillers, and constant announcements to mind them, has walled off that special view into the underground cavern. (*)

And so, a fond remembrance of past lingerings at this spot, over many a visit, to enjoy the
action. This moment was captured in November 2019 and makes its first appearance today.

©2021 Steve Ember
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(*) About the old station with another photo:

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  • Sgt Pepper 16/10/2021 8:25

    Beautiful dynamic pic! I've never been that close to such a spot, but I can imagine what sound, noise, air turbulance must be like when getting there.
    Well done!
    • Steve Ember 16/10/2021 8:53

      Thank you so much! You saw exactly what I so loved while lingering in this location over many a visit over the years. The original Shuttle station at Times Square was, to my experience at least, unique for the views it gave into this complex subterranean "world" that typical stations could only suggest. I'm just glad I was able to experience it before the redesigned station walled off the view. Happy you liked!