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Patrick B. Parenteau

Free Account, Vancouver

Up In Flames

I hope your summer vacation went better than this young family's. Their van burst into flames on a mountain highway in Canada, probably from overheated brakes. They managed to escape with some of their belongings, but what puzzled me is why they didn't disconnect the trailer with the two full tanks of propane. I stopped to make sure the people were all right and then cleared the area before the tanks blew up.

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  • Maria João Arcanjo 28/10/2008 21:36

    impressive docu.
  • archiek 07/09/2008 16:45

    A great photo and a great story. Glad everyone is ok! If you know who the poor family are, send them a copy of the photos you took for their vacation album. -ARchie
  • PINDORIUS 06/09/2008 7:31

    a holidays to forget
  • Maguire 05/09/2008 23:10

    Well insured I hope. Fifty years from now and sitting on their rockers on the porch they'll say// "remember that tourin holiday when the camper blew up?..."
    "Yeah honey".
    "And yon hero that saved our lives?"
    "Yeah honey"
    ......"Couldn't stop takin pictures."
    "Yeah honey."
    "Wonder what ever happened to that fellar."
  • Wayne Tsipouras 05/09/2008 16:27

    Good that they got away safely, a terrible end to their holiday though.

  • Alexey Bowcock 05/09/2008 16:08

    It was so good multivan....Sad. But picture is really great!
  • Alexandra Baltog 05/09/2008 12:34

    Oh... sad moment...fantastic documentary pic!

  • Paul Christiaens 05/09/2008 6:50

    This is the nightmare of every family going on (summer Holiday). It might be straightforward to you, but still it is brave to help such people out when in trouble. You mentioned the tanks - what if they would explode?

  • Petra Sommerlad 05/09/2008 6:11

    Most likely they were so shocked that they didn't even think about it, alternatively they were so afraid it cold blow up the moment they try to disconnect it that they just didn't dare to...What a shot!!!! LG Petra