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Des Finkenzeller

Free Account, Bristol


This shot at sunset is of Brean Down, which is not quite an island. I liked the shape against the background of the sunset. The title is the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock which is what it reminded me of when I was taking the shot
Captured with Canon EOS 20D and EF 70-200mm F2.8L IS USM lens (wide open). Only minor adjustments on PC as I'm not up to speed on Photoshop yet.

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  • Rob Wells 31/01/2006 20:19

    I'm not much good at landscapes, so this advice you can take or leave..........

    I'd say you left far too much sky in the shot. It feels as though there is a lot of redundant space at the top of the picture, and so it detracts from what is a nice silhouette at the bottom.