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  • KRIS SCHIRMER 22/06/2009 23:10

    i do NOT know if he liked me, or he was just a young + nosy one ;) who wanted to know what that orange thingy on the water was .... and me, the funny looking one in it ;) lol.

    ...by the way ... the b.... life safety vest, we had to wear, nearly killed me 2 hours later by getting hooked to the kayak and held me under water, while i went over board, my head was hit by the rim of the kayak - great ha :/ --- safety regulations are NOT ALWAYS helpful! i know- but MOST OF THE TIME ..... it is the intention....only sometimes it doesn't work out that way... %) hmmmmm???
    LIFE still is adventure .... no matter what safety rules we come up with.
    cheers and a safe week!
    "beating hearts in universe"
    "beating hearts in universe"
  • Sally Dunn 22/06/2009 21:26

    I like the photo very much as a thank you for the postcard!!
    You are very clever with your editing!! That is really funny about the sea otter!! He must have really liked you!