Trøjborg Castel Ruins, Tønder, Dk _1

Trøjborg Castel Ruins, Tønder, Dk _1

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Free Account, Tønder

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  • sandraprudencio 14/07/2013 20:59

    But you are "learning" in a very high level.. I will get there ;)
  • Andy-Wood 14/07/2013 20:58

    ...we are all still learning :-)))
  • sandraprudencio 14/07/2013 20:57

    Also the ISO.. I always forget to set it right.. it should be about 160 max
  • sandraprudencio 14/07/2013 20:56

    :) :)

    I'm still learning and training. I will try for sure next time I'll pass there. But yes.. the place is just wonderful.. full of story.
  • Andy-Wood 14/07/2013 20:54

    Great location for a photo shoot.
    The top right is over exposed and I notice from your exif data that you have also given +1 EV which has made a brighter foreground but most detail has gone from the sky.

    Try a variety of exposure settings in these situations to see what suits best. I would have exposed for the sky and settled for darker ruins or even silhouette .

    all the best


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Camera NIKON D5100
Lens Unknown (-2147483648) 18-105mm
Aperture 8
Exposure time 1/250
Focus length 21.0 mm
ISO 400