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Wayne Tsipouras

Premium (World), N.S.W.


Interesting sculpture in Wellington NZ.

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  • eveline tavernaro 04/02/2009 23:18

    heeeeeeee das sieht stark aus.
    lg eveline
  • mike59 27/12/2007 22:33

    Very interesting! It looks like a spider (I hate them!) or Star-Wars-figure, and the photo is impressive. But not very sharp, sorry!

  • Beauty of darkness 17/09/2007 3:53

    an interesting artwork - nice that people do such things and offer it in public (-:
  • MélanieSchm. 01/09/2007 15:25

    it looks like a creature of the movie "transfomers" ;-))
    great picture!!

    kind regards
  • Kathleen Meehan 01/08/2007 11:49

    Kenny, the orange ball flashes on and off at night as part of a pedestrian crossing.
    I pass this corner every morning on the way to work and always admire this fabulous Weta sculpture.
  • Anja Kosubek 29/07/2007 14:44

    Is Peter Jackson planning to attack Hollywood? Very interesting sculpture.
    Rgds Anja
  • Bernd Dietrich 24/07/2007 8:44

    Probably Peter Jackson's Weta Studios are doing another version of 'Transformers'?
    Greetings Bernd
  • Monika Jennrich 24/07/2007 8:23

    Hello Wayne,
    A strange sculpture
    In this light it sees interesting.
    A good night photo.
    Greetings Monika.
  • D Wen 24/07/2007 5:11

    The future looks in our cities so.
    That would be terrible.
    Very interesting sculpture.
    Dear greetings
  • PaulKa 23/07/2007 17:43

    Saustarkes Bild...
    LG Paul ;-)
  • Sighard Schraebler 23/07/2007 9:26

    Really Frightening!

    best regards Sighard
  • Kenny Jazz 23/07/2007 8:09

    What a huge scale tripod. Can`t believe that city put something like this just like a sculpture. From other side this is much more better then put political leaders heads in countrys like mine..
    I wonder what is this orange ball in right side ot pic on the column ?
  • Sunny Moon 23/07/2007 8:05

    Looks good! :-)
  • Robert L. Roux 23/07/2007 4:53

    we watch the sculpture
    watching us ... ;-))
    salut - robert
  • Seagaul 23/07/2007 0:26

    does it serve any purpose? looks a little frightening