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I have to admit, when we first found out we were expecting a second child, I was a little ( ok!, very nervous ). But time has passed and this new journey has become a very exciting moment. I find myself going back to very young age, when I first realized that my goal in life was to one day become a father. How I came to this realization was through the inspiration of a magazine illustration, back in the mid-70s, I was young, but I remember it very well, If you can imagine this art illustration: A father in his contruction wear, ( hard hat and all ) coming home through the picket fence and to this glee his wife is leaning against him, welcoming him home with a warm embrace and a kiss, to the bottom of the image,..on both sides of his legs, a little girl to one side and to the other side a little boy, both holding on to both legs of the father with bright eyes, excited about the arrival of thier father, and during all this time, the father is just over-joyed for such welcome,....

..this was the moment I told myself I wanted to be a father.

well,..I have become such, and a blessing it has been.



...just incase, we are expecting a little boy,..and his name will be

Diego Andres Luis.

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  • When 19/10/2006 2:46

    Again! Congrats.
  • die Maike 29/08/2006 1:08

    Oooohhhh,... congrats to you three. Matthew will be a "big" brother... how wonderful :-) I´ll keep my fingers crossed, for sure!!

  • Sergio Pessolano 28/08/2006 21:48

  • Visiones de vida. 28/08/2006 14:05

    @ all, danke!

    @ Boris,..love your site for the baby!!!

    ...very cooooooL!

    looking forward to your time with your son!
  • Boris Baldinger Analog 28/08/2006 7:42

    oh my god... you get a second child... wow... these are really great news. =) congratulations =)

    so our first son should come by the end of september!


    so enjoy the time... and i think you don't have to be nervous... look at matthew... is is a healty young strong boy... =)
    you can do it =))))
  • JVision 28/08/2006 6:12

    Yes I am sure you will join those moments like on the art illustration you saw years ago :-)
  • Visiones de vida. 28/08/2006 3:26

    @ Petra,...I will be looking forward to such moment!


    thank you for you kind wishes!
  • Petra Sommerlad 28/08/2006 3:17

    If I remember well she is due in November right?? Well and then in about a year from now....you will come home and make a self pic...with two little children at each of your sides and a loving wife saying hallo to you...and I WANT TO SEE IT!!!LGPEtra