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Tribeca Twilight

Tribeca Twilight

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Tribeca Twilight

The view is west toward New Jersey. The sun has set, and as dusk gives way to twilight, a magical canvas
emerges encompassing the lush rooftop gardens, silhouetted water tanks, and glowing windows of Tribeca.

This image is available in archival gallery prints and as a custom printed Photo Note Card.

Photo + Design ©2013 Steve Ember

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  • Susana Miguel 24/07/2013 8:47

    This is for me so New York....

    ...and one wonders what is going on behind those lighted windows...

    Dusk is coming and the skyline is silhoutted against the still lighted sky like a reminder of René Magritte's "L'Empire des lumières".

    Great shot, Steve, congratulations.

    Best regards,