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Tribeca through the raindrops

Tribeca through the raindrops

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Tribeca through the raindrops

No, not an attempt at Pointillism in post ;-)

Waiting out an afternoon thunderstorm in my hotel room
overlooking an inviting slice of Lower Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood…

A panorama of loft buildings, lush green roof gardens, and wooden rooftop water tanks that I had
admired since arriving a couple of days earlier and shot in “literal” fashion (*) during several times of day…

This time, I thought I’d just let the tele-lens focus on the raindrops hitting the window
and let the vivid palette of the Kodak Ektar-100 film in my EOS-630 suggest the rest.

Photo + Design ©2013/2014 Steve Ember

A little story about that afternoon and a great tune ;-)


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  • Augenblick und klick 23/09/2014 14:06

    What a rainy day can be good for!! Beautiful colours out there in the rain.
    Good idea having taken this pic.

    Best regards, Ingeborg
  • Manuel Gloger 21/09/2014 17:49

    I like this picture through the window full of raindrops. It really reminds me of a work of pointillisum. You created a little work of art. Well done, Steve.
    BW Manuel
  • Dragomir Vukovic 18/09/2014 23:23

    great 1 !
  • Mershee 16/09/2014 18:09

    It looks like painting. The photo releases a new view of Tribeca. Good idea and realization!