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Tom McDade

Free Account, Loughborough

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  • Luc Grollie 25/11/2006 16:40

    inviting stair to cross the fence and enter another great place of nature.....
    well seen !!!
  • Dirk Hofmann 25/11/2006 13:14

    well done ... :-)
  • Rob Brydon 25/11/2006 12:14

    beautiful colours and lighting..well done..cheers..Rob
  • Maguire 25/11/2006 10:49

    I really like styles. They are such a polite invitation, by those who need fences, that say 'sorry I had to put this fence in your way but please, fell free to use this style I've made for you. Come on in and go on your way. Enjoy.' A great courtesy indeed.

    I think you have caught the light and the invitation perfectly.

  • Alexandra Baltog 25/11/2006 10:24

    beautiful, really!
    I like the colours, the light, the shadows...