Time Warp Picnic

Time Warp Picnic

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Time Warp Picnic

The (original) photo was taken in October 2015 whileLa exploring one of the re-purposed
mill buildings that sit alongside and above the Jones Falls Valley in Baltimore.

The promise of - finally! - some sunny, low humidity conditions to arrive in time for the weekend
prompted this bit of late night editing whimsy, as I called up my Digital Genie from her brass bottle
(in which I suspect she had been imbibing of the grape).

This quirky little picnic-space by the mill building residences looks out over the valley, even affording
train lovers a view of the Baltimore Light Rail trains on the other side heading for their stop at Woodberry. (*)

Ah, but whither the Chenin Blanc...the charcuterie board...the cheese platter...the checkered
tablecloth...the romantic couple enjoying their picnic in the crisp autumn ambiance?

We must write them off as sucked away by the Great Cosmic Hoover. One hopes that, on the other side of
this time warp, they have been re-united...in a happy time and place...in the golden sunshine of autumn.

©2020 Steve Ember

Baltimore Light Rail at Woodberry
Baltimore Light Rail at Woodberry
Steve Ember

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Camera Canon EOS 40D
Lens ---
Aperture 5
Exposure time 1/320
Focus length 50.0 mm
ISO 500

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