Time for color

Time for color

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Jeff Burgess

Free Account, Seattle

Time for color

Original reworked with use of filters and other modifications to add color.....feedback please.....

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  • Jeff Burgess 11/07/2010 6:15

    I have many shots of this beautiful model and she displays many moods. I think you are right as the post-editing doesn't quite fit. I truely appreciate your comment. Thanks.
  • Anil Abhimanyu Sharma 15/02/2009 16:53

    Lovely colours, nice composition, sexy model but not in harmony with the mood....needs a bit more 'model direction'. But hey Jeff if that's what u wanted...u got it :) Cheers
  • Michael Grotkamp 10/02/2009 20:26

    beautyful woman, beautyful colours, nice composition...